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Ever wonder what an herbalist can do for you? Do you prefer alternative, holistic health care? Do natural and sustainable remedies appeal to you?  Then, it is time to schedule your appointment for an Herbal Consultation with Herbwyfery.

What Is an Herbal Consultation?

An Herbal Consultation is a confidential session between a client and an herbalist to discuss the client’s health and wellness concerns and goals. This may take place in person, or over the phone. The herbalist then uses his or her herbal knowledge and experience to craft a plan designed to meet those goals, recommending herbs where appropriate. Such consultations may also include nutritional information, flower essences, gardening information, and other recommendations based upon the unique skill set of the individual herbalist.

In my practice, clients fill out a health and wellness intake form prior to our appointment. Each initial appointment lasts for one hour. During this time, we then discuss the client’s concerns and goals, and then a plan is created. This plan is then a written out and emailed to the client for their review. This will include a potential protocol of herbal formulations that have been crafted specifically for the client.

If the client elects to move forward with the plan, a date for starting the protocol is selected, as well as a plan for sourcing the herbs. Instructions for crafting each of the herbal formulations is provided to the client, along with a list of trusted herbal suppliers. If it is more convenient, clients may elect to source their formulations from my own private apothecary for an additional fee. Follow up appointments are also set for 3 weeks and 6 weeks.

What can an Herbal Consultation do for you?

  • Provide a focus on health care instead of sick care.
  • Empower you to craft your own herbal remedies.
  • Experience a wellness appointment that isn’t rushed.
  • Encourages the client to take control of their health.

Making Alternative Health Care Affordable

If health insurance weren’t expensive enough, most alternative health care options are not covered by insurance and are an added expense. Often, this means that professional, high-quality alternative health care is out of the hands of most people. Personally, I think that’s wrong.

I have chosen to limit my consulting fee to $100. This covers the initial consultation, the 3 week check in, and the 6 week check in, plus the written Herbal Action Plan and instruction to craft your own herbal formulas. If you require an installment plan to make that work, we can set that up.

Scheduling Your Appointment

I am available for phone appointments Mon-Fri mornings from 8am until noon. I also take phone appointments on the weekend, as well as face-to-face appointments. Please send me an email at to schedule an appointment. In your email, please suggest your preferred meeting time, plus an alternate. Also let me know if you require a payment plan at this time. Once an appointment is confirmed, I will send an invoice via PayPal and my client forms which are to be filled out prior to our first conversation.

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