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Looking for the purest in herbal beauty, personal care, and cleaning products? Want to keep harmful ingredients out of your body? My blog has the recipes you are looking for! My recipes are also available as finished products through my Etsy shop.

Please be aware that my website and Etsy shop is in transition from medicinal herbs to herbs or beauty, personal care, and natural cleaning products. During this time, there may be a few blank pages, and old posts taken down. Expect to see more photos and new articles here in the next few weeks, plus new products stocked in my Etsy shop.

Unfortunately, the FDA and some of the very largest herbal companies have teamed up to make selling tinctures, salves, and herbal supplements too cost prohibitive for most small producers outside of providing herbal products directly to private clients.

These new regulations create unnecessary overhead expenses and and administrative red tape that only create an illusion of consumer safety. It also ensures that small producers will have a financial uphill climb just to get started, and conveniently eliminates most new competition to the larger herbal product suppliers. It is almost hard to believe that we now have “Big Herb” to go along side of “Big Pharma” and “Big Oil”. Granted, Big Herb doesn’t have their budgets, but it now exists.

The FDA may reevaluate their rules at any time, and prohibit herbalists from making formulas for their private clients. As such, I have made the decision to focus on my non-medicinal products, and develop a luxurious skin care line, natural fragrance line, and healthy cleaning product line. A portion of profits will be donated anually each December to the National Health Freedom Coalition and the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

The National Health Freedom Coalition’s mission, according to their mission statement posted to their website is:

To promote access to all health care information, services, treatments and products that the people deem beneficial for their own health and survival; to promote an understanding of the laws and factors impacting the right to access; and to promote the health of the people of this nation.

┬áThe Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit organization who’s objective is:

The objective of FTCLDF is to defend the rights of sustainable family farms and artisan food producers to make their products available to consumers in a manner that protects, preserves and enhances the environment and its natural resources, products that include but are not limited to meat and meat products, poultry, eggs, raw milk and raw milk products, fruits and vegetables, lacto-fermented foods and beverages, prepared foods, and bread and other baked goods directly to consumers without a license or permit.

It is my hope that the success of these products will help fund true grass-roots efforts to push back on an ever-encroaching regulatory system fueled by corporate interests.

For the DIYers out there, I often use affiliate links in my blog articles. Please consider supporting an independent herbalist’s blog by using these links to make your purchases of raw materials. Purchases made with these links earn me a small percentage of the sale. Every little bit helps to keep this website up and running, and allows me to continue doing what I do.

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