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Legal Disclaimer

  • The information found on is to be used at your own risk.
  • Nothing presented in any form on is to be construed as medical advice, or any other form of advice requiring a licensed professional. The practice of herbalism is currently an unlicensed profession in the US.
  • Herbalists do not “practice medicine”. We do use terms like “plant-based medicine” and “herbal medicine”, but this is not to be misconstrued as practicing medicine or prescribing pharmaceutical medications. If you are seeking that form of care, please seek out a licensed physician.
  • I encourage you to keep your physician aware of any herbals you take. Your physician is likely to need some education on herbs, as herbs generally are outside the typical doctor’s scope of practice.
  • Using information from the website does not constitute any type of herbalist/client relationship.
  • All material on this site, while based on my experience and research, is only my opinion.┬áIf you cite anything presented on Herbal Prepper, please understand that you are citing my opinion only.
  • Sharing information from is encouraged, providing proper citation and a link back to this site is provided. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Every attempt is made to verify information and present information as accurately as possible. I am, however, only one person. No independent third party is vetting any of the information presented on Visitors to the site are encouraged to do their own research and do their own vetting before using any of the information presented here.
  • Material presented on this site may not be appropriate for everyone. Known contraindications and allergy warnings are noted. However, there is always a chance for an adverse reaction with herbs, just as there is with pharmaceuticals. I am not responsible for allergic or harmful reactions, injury, disease, drug interaction, disorders, ineffective results, or any other form of unsatisfactory results from the use of the information presented on

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