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Herbal Blog & Etsy Shop

Looking for the purest in herbal beauty, personal care, and cleaning products? Want to keep harmful ingredients out of your body? My blog has the recipes you are looking for! My recipes are also available as finished products through my

Herbwyfery Herbal Education |

Herbal Education

Learn all about plant medicine with one of the many courses offered by Catherine Ellis, herbalist at Herbwyfery. Courses include her Herbwyfery Herbalism Certification Course (Levels 1-3), Herbs for Cold & Flu, Aromatherapy, Herbs for Women’s Health, to name just

Herbwyfery Herbal Consultations |

Herbal Consultations

Ever wonder what an herbalist can do for you? Do you prefer alternative, holistic health care? Do natural and sustainable remedies appeal to you?  Then, it is time to schedule your appointment for an Herbal Consultation with Herbwyfery. What Is